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Ringing in 2010 Dec. 29th, 2009 @ 07:21 pm
Last minute planning in progress:

We're hosting a New Years Eve get together if anyone in the DC area has no plans. Everyone is more than welcome. We'll have munchies and adult beverages, but feel free to bring your own if you are picky. Plenty of crash space here at our house if you want to party hard or the weather is too blustery for you to face in the middle of the night.

Say good bye to the old and toast the new!!!

Let me know if you need directions!!

Damn. Dec. 2nd, 2009 @ 10:01 pm
I just finally got the icicles up on the eve of the house last night, and the sticky hooks I used lasted less than 24 hours.

At least the christmas tree is up and the lights on it haven't fallen off yet : )

Halloween Bash 2009 Nov. 3rd, 2009 @ 07:12 am
Yes, Its a week after Halloween, but who cares? Its an excuse to dress up and party!

Thats right, Saturday November 7th around 8ish pm is our annual Halloween Bash. Everyone is welcome to come and bring their friends, the more the merrier. Costumes requested but not required. Food and beverages provided (unless you are picky, no need to bring your own). Plenty of crash space and we're walking distance form the metro....

Come out and join us!!!!

Sick Oct. 2nd, 2009 @ 11:57 am
I have the plague. Was the last one to fall, all my housemates and co-workers went first. Just enough so to give me a bit of hope that I wouldn't get it. No love though.

I'm not very good at being sick.

Sep. 29th, 2009 @ 06:37 pm
i love fall!!!
Other entries
» Range Time
I had a good morning at the range. Targets all very dead. Need to buy more paper plates.

I like the NRA range. Seems the other people on the line with you were more knowledgeable about their weapons than on average. Makes me nervous when someone with a hand cannon (bought probably because it was the biggest and the shiniest one in the gun store) can't even hit the cardboard holding their giant man sized target.
» Maryland Ren Fest
After dragon con, it doesn't really seem like the people at the ren fair are wearing costumes.... what does it mean when pirates and men in kilts seem like normal everyday attire?

Looking for ward to a second day of Sam Adams Oktoberfest, turkey legs, and fried oreos for this weekend. And another day of playing dress-up! Strange that most women would probably look forward to a fancy night out where they can wear sexy dress and jewelry and fancy hair.... and I get excited about layered skirts and leather corsets and wings and such.
» DC Restaurant Week
Our adventures in food led us to Grill From Iponema tonight. Drinks were spectacular. Food was meh, and has left me feeling like I got sucker punched by my steak when I wasn't looking. After such a great pun based name I am a bit disappointed that we won't be going back there.

Tomorrow: Mei N Yu for lunch and Marakesh Pasha Palace for dinner. Costuming and exploring in the mix also. Countdown to D*C. Still putting finishing touches on all of the costumes. And we want to try and go to the MD Ren Fest Sunday... squeee.

Got the new Playstation 3 Slim today. Now waiting on God of War III with baited breath. Trying to talk my man into playing Bioshock again... its just so pretty to watch. Might have to break down and learn how to use the X-box controller with its myriad of buttons after D"C so I can play it myself. Lord knows I'll need something to boost me out of the post con blues. Picked up a few new DS games to keep me occupied during the line standing that will be part of next weekend!

We'll be there in less than 6 days!!!!
» A Good Friday Night
Last night consisted of delivery Thai, three nerds dorking out with various games(Zelda, WOW, and Age of Empires III) on various media all in the same room, and followed by a stint in the hot tub relaxing.

Now, off to the range : )

To be followed by some costume completions hopefully. Con is getting close, time line for completion is running short.
» (No Subject)
sushi... its growing in my tummy, and i am so full. but its sooo yummy.

almost done with my shiny red cape for my magnito crosplay!
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